Forging Antiquity

The website for the Australian Research Council Discovery Project: Forging Antiquity: Authenticity, forgery and fake papyri

Vanessa Mawby

Vanessa Mawby is a recently graduated student at Macquarie University, having studied a Bachelor of Arts, with a major in Ancient Languages. She is working as a Research Assistant on the ARC Discovery Project, Forging Antiquity: Authenticity, forgery and fake papyri. Her principal research interests concern how communication (or lack thereof) across diverse communities and interests impacts the construction of global communities. Our interconnectedness, afforded by technological developments, seems to confound rather than assist our capacity to reconcile new and old information.

As grammar is foundational to the way we construe information and experience across individuals and communities, her studies of ancient languages, including Classical Latin, Greek, Sahidic Coptic, and Middle Egyptian Hieroglyphs, aim to draw connections between how language is used to facilitate communication.

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