Forging Antiquity

The website for the Australian Research Council Discovery Project: Forging Antiquity: Authenticity, forgery and fake papyri

Forgeries known to the project

We provide here a list of those fake papyri and related manuscripts which have come to the notice of the project so far. We provide it here as a preliminary resource for those who are interested, in advance of a fully searchable database which is currently being constructed. The table below pull data directly from the Google Sheet in which informaiton on fakes is currently stored. While sorting and filtering are not possible within this frame, material can be searched for by using CNTRL+F /CMD+F functions. Papyri and related texts are cited by papyrological siglum where one exists (according to the Checklist of Editions at, or according to the details of the work in which they are discussed. A full bibliography of works cited may be found below the table.

The “Typology” column contains the classification of the forgeries into the categories established within the project. While most of the categories are self-explanatory, a full description of this typology is also available.

In accordance with the general parameters of the project, the list below consists of forgeries from (or allegedly from) Egypt on papyrus and related material (ostraca, tablets, etc). It thus largely excludes (a) epigraphic forgeries; and (b) forgeries from locations other than Egypt. For this reason it does not includes texts such as the post-2002 “Dead Sea Scroll-like” fragments which are well covered by other projects.

This list largely consists of those forgeries which have been published, mentioned in print, or featured in online reposititories. We are aware that there are many more papyrus forgeries in collections throughout the world, and would be very grateful to receive information on them (and also images of them, if possible). Please send information on such fakes to


Below is a working version of our project Bibliography, not a completed version.

Note: For Editions and Sigla, please refer to the Checklist of Editions at

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