Forging Antiquity

The website for the Australian Research Council Discovery Project: Forging Antiquity: Authenticity, forgery and fake papyri

The first forged papyrus in Europe.

This except from Pierre Hamon’s 1566 Recueil d’alphabets et d’exemples d’écritures anciennes, shows a section from P.Ital. I 8 (Ravenna, 563), the so-called charta plenariae securitatis; below it on the facsimile, Hamon has added C. Julii Caesaris Testamentum L. Pisone socero recitatum in domo Idibu septembris. The story of this papyrus and Hamon’s work will be told by Rachel Yuen-Collingridge in a forthcoming article.

Pierre Hamon, Recueil d'alphabets et d'exemples d'écritures anciennes (1566), f. 11. Source: Image: Bibliothéque Nationale de France.